Vintage Lorry Funerals
Vintage Lorry Funerals

The 21ft deck of my vintage lorry provides ample space to create an arrangement for your Loved One. Each display is unique to you and can reflect your Loved One's profession, their hobby or anything else close to their heart.

Themes can be created to depict the whole spectrum of occupations from a Scaffolder to a Teacher. Some have already been used and some are still on the drawing board for people who are pre-planning their funeral.

Lorry Drivers can have a Theme related to a vehicle they drove or the cargo they often carried and these can range from a simple Flat Bed through to a Triple Decked Livestock Container.

Tradesmen, such as Builders or Plumbers can have their tools, which I can provide, positioned between the Floral Tributes.

If your Loved One's interests or hobby was one of the key things in their life, then a wide range of options exist as I have built many Themes including a Mobile Disco for a part-time Disc Jockey and a two levelled Dolls House approximately 1/6 scale.

Sports Fans can have a suitable environment created behind their main Floral Tribute, Football Shirt or Rugby Ball in front of Posts. Musicians can have a replica Keyboard or Guitar. Motorists can have the rear of a 1950's touring saloon with a hamper on the boot. A Flag associated with your Loved One's homeland can be hung on the head-board.

If young Grandchildren are providing a 'Pillow' then this can be part of a bedstead, including a bed-side light and an alarm clock, if the concept of Grandad going to sleep is an image that makes the concept of death any easier.

The ability exists to secure items on the top of the coffin, including a standard spray or an individual item such as a hat or cuddly toy. A mini Theme could be created on top of the coffin or for Naval Personnel the coffin itself could be transformed into a Battleship or a Submarine.

Any type of coffin can be accommodated of any shape or size and two coffins can be carried side by side allowing people who have died together to be carried together.

You may have your own ideas of what you would like so please don't be afraid to make any suggestion, as it never ceases to amaze me what can be possible with the help from the Support Members of my team. I will be delighted to explore your ideas and build the support structures provided that this is possible within the timescales.

Of course, you don't have to have any theme at all.

Following your decision to use me, your Funeral Director confirms the arrangements. I then speak to the Florist to establish the type and number of Floral Tributes.

Next, I create a drawing of the potential design options and e-mail or fax these to you. Once you confirm you are happy with the design, I build the Support Structures required.

I will take digital pictures of the final display and forward these to you.

The quality of the display is obviously dependant on the skill and imagination of your florist.

I carry a transparent fly sheet which can protect the coffin during inclement weather however, this has only been used once since 2002.

Standard Prices are quoted for carrying the coffin and flowers, the creation of Themes from wooden models or complex Floral Tribute arrangements involve an additional premium.

Please click on the pictures below to see a slide show of any theme that is of particular interest.

The Lorry

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Lorry Drivers

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Lots of Flowers

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Sports Fans

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Tradesman & His Tools

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Use Deck like a Stage

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Other Uses

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